About the artist
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The writer of more than 500 songs, Paul is a graduate of Australian rock bands such as The Fringe Dwellers. Paul has left his band days, and Australia, behind to work on his material as a solo artist.

Paul's first album Between Valentines and April Fools is available as a download and will soon also be on CD.   The album contains 12 songs.

Paul is currently working on his second album Lost and Found in the Lowlands, with further albums also in "the pipeline".

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Paul moves in mysterious ways arouind the countryside.

Paul can play a number of instruments, especially keyboards, bass and guitar.
If you are an artist I am available to advise on your projects, should they be songs (music and lyrics) and can also offer advice on arrangements or even add instrumental parts to your songs.

Studio Services
Instruments and Vocals
Music Composition and Lyrics
Whether you need a song written from scratch or just some editing of an existing song, I can be of assistance.
String and horn arrangements, either from scratch or editing your ideas.
Keyboards, bass and guitar.